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Re: John Kewley Lonan 1807
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Dear Viv,

Thanks for that.

I had wondered about the family Quilleash.

I had found a Memorial Notice in Manxnotebook for 1913 for John Kewley, son of John and Eunice Kewley (brother of Margaret Kewley/Burns G/Grandmother).

It mentions all the relatives in the mourning carriages. Number 3 relative is Mrs Quilleash, no 10 is Mr E Quilleash. No Sarah Jane is mentioned in the list of relatives as are other sisters.

On Brian Lawsons site Sarah Jane Kewley married a William Edward Quilleash 23 Oct 1907, in 1901 she was 18 and still living at home.

Maybe someone has further knowledge of this. Am I just clutching at straws?

Regards Diane Burns