Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Rowany Clagues

After reading Brian Clague's book on Clagues in America and Jessie Clague's writeup of the Rowany Clagues as well as looking at the information on the Lawson web-site and the other Manx web-sites, the first four Clague masters seem to be:

1. Henry Clague (c. ca. 1765 Arbory - unknown death date) (wife: Anne Cottier c. ca 1770)

2. (son of Henry) James Clague (c. 24 Dec 1792 Rushen - bur 12 Mar 1877) (wife: Catharine Kinley (c. 9 Aug 1795 Malew - 21 May 1851 Bradda)

3. (son of James) Thomas Clague (c. 6 Oct 1822 Rushen - 20 Sept 1854 Rushen) (wife: Jane Turnbull (c. 28 Sept 1823)

4. (son of Thomas) James Clague (c. 30 Aug 1846) (wife: Susanna Moore)

Some of James and Catharine's children emigrated from the IOM::

a. Ann (c. 14 Jan 1827 Rushen) m. John Oates and emigrated to South Australia between 1852 and 1856

b. Elizabeth (c. 30 Apr 1829 Rushen) Think she married Richard Kelly and they moved to Trenton New Jersey for a few years in the mid 1850s before returning to the ION

c and d.James (c. 7 Jan 1838 Rushen) and John (c 23 Aug 1840 Rushen) With parents for the 1841 and 1851 censuses; then disappear. Think that both left IOM and immigrated to New Orleans La. an immigrant James Clague appears in New Orleans in March 1863 and marries Martha Porter. In two US censuses, James indicated that he was born in Jan 1838 in IOM.

I am interested in any corrections to this line of Rowany masters and the New Orleans emigrants from IOM.

Thank you