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Hello Muriel
Here is the information on my family background, if you have any new details of know of any new family members then pleas cold you let me know so that i can put details in my folder.
1) Thomas Cringle b: ?1797/9 in Santon.
Marriedf Elizabeth Boyde 8.8.1822. Thomas trade was ?Tailor.

2)William Cringle b: 5.12.1833 in Santon
Married Margteret Cowin 30.8.1890 and his trade was ? Painter

3)Louis Cringle b: 6.9.1868
Married Eleanor Gell in Douglas 30.8.1890 his trade was ? Painter

4) George Holmes Cringle b: 12.1.198 in Douglas
Served in Staffordshire regiment WW1, wounded and convelesced in Malta 1916
2nd Engineer (merchant seaman) 1918
Married Catherine Bordemand Jones (2nd wife) 20.5.1936 in Liverpool.
Served as Steward on the SS Isle of Man WW11

5) My Father's name was Ronald George Cringle b: 4.4.1935 Liverpool

I hope that this helps you. I do have a tree with other names on but this is my direct line.