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Re: Castell/Castill/Castle/Jennings

Hello Fiona,

Yes, this is definitely my line - I am descended from Margaret's older brother Daniel. I can go back one generation earlier than Daniel and Margaret's father, also a Daniel, but there are some mysteries here that have so far stumped me and another cousin (who has been investigating the family since the 60's, following on from her father's work in the 1950's). However, I am trying to push further back on Daniel's mother's line - my (our!) cousin has always done research on a one-name basis, so I am trying to do some research of the female lines linking in.

I'd love to know what happened down Margaret's line, I lost track of her after she married. Daniel and Margaret had a brother, Robert, who went to the States, and has descendents there who are in touch with us, and there seem to be descendents of their older brother James in the states too - but this is a line I am working on - I have death records as late as the mid sixties naming children, but I haven't yet tracked down those children. There are also Castell cousins who emigrated to Oz in the 1960's who I am in touch with.

I haven't been on this forum for long, so I don't know the etiquette on this one - can you send me a personal message to carry this on further?