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Spam is removed as quickly as possible - some barring (on IP addresses and topic is in place) but I'm afraid whilst there are still credulous web users who buy from spammers then the costs of spamming are outweighed by the profits (and judging from contents/price most buyers are in the USA tho most spam I've removed seems to originate from E. Europe + Asia) - message board spamming appears to be the current growth area now that users are switching to spam resistant email systems such as Thunderbird.

Re multiple aliases - we have seen at least one poster who for some reason has used multiple aliases both here + it would seem on other boards re same topics, I can see no reason why this should be needed.

On the question of sharing info - there does appear to be a small subset of researchers who would appear to be 'gravitational black holes' in that little information exits from them but luckily they are in a minority.