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Re: Are there any Kewleys out there?

Hi Viv. We've been doing very well with the Gellings, but both of us have Kewley too. We initially dismissed any connection, but maybe too hasty. The Braddan Kewley's are frustrating because there are a lot of them and very few wills. Keep plugging away and maybe it'll work out.

As you know, I'm from Charles KEWLEY and Judith QUAYLE (d Catharine married William GELLING originally of Lonan). Charles is the son of Robert K & Isabella DAWSON m 1762 Braddan. They (Rob & Isabella) had other sons which I know little to nothing about, including a Robert b 1769, John b 1770 possibly married Catherine COTTIER 1792 and James b 1779. Thomas b 1776 d 1886 I do know a bit more about, including a will, but I don't think he had children though he married twice. His will mentioned other Kewleys which I couldn't identify.

Going back, I think Robert is the son of another Robert K, but it's very tentative. There are other Kewleys in Braddan as well, with names very similar.

Somebody mentioned contacting Ralph Kewley. He and I have corresponded for years on both GELLING and KEWLEY and he concluded there was no connection on the Kewley side. His are Lonan Kewleys. I'm not 100% sure that there isn't a connection but have little to base anything on.

Unfortunately that's about the extent of my knowledge. Like you, I'd sure like to get further back with them.