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There was a thriving ex-patriot Manx community in Liverpool at this time, particularly in Toxteth Park where many of the houses were built by Manx builders and developers and some of the streets have Manx names. Some of the Liverpool business community of Manx origin also owned houses and rooms for rent and many of their tennants were of Manx origin - the network was obviously efficient and supportive for newly arrived islanders. As Frances says - jobs - Liverpool was booming during the Victorian era and at the turn of the century had more millionaires than any other city in Europe. There were more jobs than people available and this attracted workers from the countryside, from North Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Liverpool was also the main transit centre for europeans emigrating to America and the Pacific - many Manx also arrived in Liverpool, stayed for a few months or years and then sailed to USA, Canada, OZ, NZ or Africa whilst other stayed permanently and some returned to the Island. It ia a similar story for Barrow and Manchester.