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no kronkold mention I could see - the 1762 bapt gives no additional info; There are bapts of children of a william quayle (no mothers' names are given prior to 1762) where described as weaver & of the gell

I havn't found marriage.

decree Margt quayle als Cowley 1783 :d 25 dec 1782;5 ch john, thomas, silvester, william + margaret; wm + margt under age;husb phinlo. inventory 23

will of Wm Quayle (Balllaugh Ep 1814) farmer;s-i-l john crellin douglas;son wm;son philip;s-i-l thomas kaighen kk micheal his dau anne in liverpool if she comes for it (?wq or tk's dau);wife ann execx

suspect that's all I've time for