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I am very young so please forgive me if I seem to be ignorant on how to do something that is obvious to you all!

I am researching my family history after the recent passing away of my father James Alan Faragher.

James and Kevin Born 1952 & 1954 were the sons of David Faragher and Nessie Lavina Faragher (Nee Corlett)

David Faragher died in County of York in 1960 aged 33 therefor DOB 1927. He had four brother of which I know are Jack Harry and "Arthur" and an unknown one.

David Lived in a childerens home, (in Glen Chluchery Road?) with his brothers

He was later a steward on the Steam Packet boats knwon as "Davie". He later began to work as a steel worker until his death.

He married Nessie Lavinia Corlett date unknown and she passed away in Walton, Liverpool in1963 aged 31 making Y.O.B 1932.

Lavinias Father commonly known as "Jimmy" Corlett lived in Spring Valley with his wife Margaret who was married previous and known as M. Kay and before that as Gillet.

This is as far as I can get so can somebody please point me in the right direction on how to trace the parents of David and continue the Corlett trace from there???

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