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Re: Faragher Family
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I know that you are knew to this but it is much easier for all if you include all you know - names + dates especially though places also help.
If these marriages/births took place on the Island then if post 1877 certificates can be obtained from General Registry - if between that date and c.1920 then it is possible they are in the index produced by Brian Lawson - www.lawsons.ca - once you get before that date then the IGI www.familysearch.org might help + the census data. (If in England post 1837 then GRO will supply certs).
If you have death dates, names + likely on Island parish graveyard/cemetery then someone with the transcribed Memorial Inscriptions may be able to help. However it is always worthwhile putting down on paper what you do know and then framing the question without requiring others to guess.