Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Faragher Family

I am looking to trace my family in the Isle of man. I know very little but maybe somebody out there could give me a start.

My father was born in IOM 17/ 04/1952 James Alan Faragher and has a younger brother Kevin born 18 months later.

All I know about my grandparents is that my grandfather was called David Faragher and dies in the early 60's in the UK in an industrial accident as a steel worker.

My great grand parents brought up my dad and uncle and I think he was either known as William or Robert Faragher.

Unfortuniately I am too late to ask my father any questions about all this as he passed away recently and this has prompted me to try and find out a little bit more about my family to tell my children. Hope someone is out there that can help