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I was born in Regina and believe my parents were married. My mother had phlebitis when I was born. She had a sister with children who could't take me and I was adopted privately.
Gertrude Howe was a nurse in the hosptal who knew my adoptive parents wanted a child and made the arrangements.
I was told my father didn't want children and was planning on going to the U.S.
Does any of this sound familiar or make sense in your family?
When my son was born I discovered I am a carrier of a rare hereditary condition. In the past most babies born with this syndrome would have died at birth or shortly after and would have obvious physical abnormalities.
It is necesssary for both parents to be carriers and then the incidence of occurance is 25% among their children. 50% would also be carriers.
Is it possible that there are others living in the area that were from IOM and one of them could have been my mother?
Thanks for your help.

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