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Information on some Kellys please.


I was wondering if anyone could help me with some help with finding some information for two of our Kellys.

William Isaac Kelly bn 12 Oct 1882 Ram
Lilian Kelly bn 10 Mar 1881 Peel

William, Lilian and Magie (1884) were born to Isaac Kelly and Margaret Kewley.
Isaac died Mau Feb 1885 followed by Magie Apr 1885.

Margaret Kewley then married Thomas Burns 1888.
Thomas B was born 1890.

The 1891 census shows :
3 Queens Drive
Thomas Burns Head
Margaret Wife
Lilian Kelly Step Dau 10
William I Kelly Step Son 8
Thomas B Son 1

1901 census:
2 SeaView Villa
Thomas Burns head
Margaret Wife
Thomas B Son 11
Lillian Burns Dau 20

I can't seem to find William in 1901 Census but find a William Isaac marrying in Brian Lawsons website.
William Isaac to Mona Browning 1 Feb 1905 which would make him 23. I also can't find any children for them.

With Lilian she is shown in both Census. Then I have a problem. She appears in Brians website as having married Sydney Griffiths and Arnold Robert Teare. Yet if you go to both Sydney and Arnold, they have both married Helen Barton and Lilian Kelly??

I do have a family printed postcard showing the name Mrs Teare SeaView Villa, Brookhill Rd Ramsey and a MI for Lilian and Arnold Teare.

Does anyone know what happened to William and whether they had children?

Did Lilian had any children to either Sydney or Arnold?

Thanks Diane

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Information on some Kellys please.
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