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Ratcliff around 1500

Three questions but all linked so I have posted together

1) I know no one can answer this with certainty. But to the historians is it probable or unlikely that these two people below are the same person?

Thomas Ratcliff Abbot of Rushen, in 1522 (and recorded in 1532)
Thomas Radcliff Lord's Receiver at Peel Castle in 1535 and 1543

(Thomas was not the last Abbot at Rushen this was Henry Jackson in 1540)

Also does anyone know when Thomas the Abbot left the Abbey. There is a Thomas recorded on the German Intacks Manorial Roll(with a Dawson) and in 1539 German Cottages Peel with the number 3.

2) Henry Radcliffe, Abbot of Rushen and Deputy Governor 1497 any information anyone has on him

3) Can anyone tell me anything about the book Mulvey Dawson mentioned by Constance Radcliffe is this her book 'GARLIC TOWN by Mulvey Dawson'?. (seems to be very difficult book to obtain, only one reference on Google and that copy is no longer available)

Any scrap of information on any other early Radclife of around this time appreciated.(Even if this is just speculation)

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