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Re: Thomas Lewney-Ann Lewney, 1868

I think we are agreed that Thomas married three times and that it was his youngest chilld, Eunice Margaret, that married Frederick Lawson in 1900. I am trying to complete my notes around this family that started all this - should have checked directly with you first - would have saved a lot of time.

It has left me with two questions;
Who were the parents of Thomas Looney, and
who were the parents of Ann Jane Looney.

My first thoughts were that Thomas was the son of Robert Looney & Elizabeth Sayle. Looking at census etc I now would agree with you that he was the son of Thomas & Margaret Shimmin.

That still leaves the question of who was Ann Jane Looney.

If I understand you correctly, you are saying:
Thomas & Margaret Shimmin had a son Thomas, bp as Shimmin 9 Oct 1837.
They then married 12 Jan 1839
2nd son Christopher

checked the 1841 census - age of Thomas is 3 1/2, which adds up.