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Hi Sue,
Well you got one right.....Joseph Bailey in Hamilton, Northumberland County, Ontario.

Not sure which Grace you found, but Grace Florence Radcliffe was wife of Joseph Bailey's
son Joseph Frederick, and Grace Irene Radcliffe (shows up in some census records as "A Irene")
is their daughter (my grandmother).

Joseph Bailey was married to Matilda Henrietta Carolina Schultz b.1831 in Prussia.
Joseph Bailey disappears 1859-1860 and Matilda appears in Chicago in 1860 as a widow.

I'm still fairly new at this searching, but finally the bits and pieces are starting to come together. Your post told me about Gertrude and Mary and what happened to them, the 1841-51-61 UK census told me about Alfred.... now I need to find Emily.

I have fairly good info on family from Joseph Bailey forward and want to get as much as I can settled before I start going back from Augustus. It is all so fascinating!! I'm the only one in the family who is interested in our heritage, and of course, all those who could help me have long ago passed on.