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Re: Mary Radcliffe
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Hi Cynthia,
Great to get your message, thank you, re family link through Mary Allgood Radcliffe ... not just to understand the spread of the genetic links of our oldies but for the clues offered on tracking down the story of "our" elusive Mary Allgood and her children.
I will make use of what resources I can in the next day or two to follow-up on the Wales connection and probably what we should do is chat away from the BB to bring ourselves up to date on ancestors etc
My direct email is ..... quirks@aapt.net.au
You have probably read my rambling stories on the BB re the 1850's move of Robert Quirk to Australia, but I can fill you in more on the life and times of the Malvina Christina connection.
My wife and I are retired folks here in Nelson Bay on the east coast, north of Sydney in OZ, keeping my mind active trying to source all of the links who first came to Australia from all over the world starting in 1828 and made up what is now our line of "quirks".
Regards and my thanks again........ Peter Q.