Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Episcopal Will

I have recently received from the Manx Museum a copy of an Episcopal Will for William Corrin, husband of Esther.

I had until now believed William to have been buried Arbory 3/10/1839 - aged 68 - D.o.b. circa 1771. However, this will is dated 23rd May 1838 which means I have the wrong burial date.

There are two other possible burials for William Corrin -
1. Rushen 5/11/1831 - aged 77.

2. Malew 9/04/1837 - aged 84.

The only way that I can think of to find which William is mine, is to find the M.I.'s for these two Williams - if there are any!

William and Esther had nine children, born between 1812 and c1832, if he was either of these gentlemen, he would have been about 77/78 when he fathered his last child!!!!!

I had made the assumption that Esther was widowed before 1841, as on the census there was no mention of William, just her children, William, Jane and John. (Belvear, Rushen)

Boy, do I need some help sorting this out, please.