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Advice please on an Irish Document.

Hi Everyone,

This is a bit of an unusual one, but with all the help I get from you all on my research I am sure someone will send me in the right direction.

I have an Irish document that my father was given it is dated 1816 and is in fairly good condition. I know that this is not old in your part of the world but in Australia it predates colonisation of some states.

I believe it is written on velum and is stamped with three seals and signed, showing it is a legal document.

It is about the City of Armagh and mentions many names and addresses and some clergy.

I have been in contact with an Irish museum and national archives but they seemed quite dismissive.

I don't want to sell it I just wanted people to be able to use it for research of their families, I was really trying to send it home. With my futile attempts I then thought I would set about transcribing it but don't know who I would then send it to.

Thanks Diane

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Advice please on an Irish Document.
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