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Re: MI. Philip Quayle
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Frances, Raymond is looking for a connection to Maughold for Philip Quayle, who was "from Ballaugh" at 1806 marriage there. However someone has put an early death [on 24 Feb.1773] on the IGI for what looks like the only possible Philip in the Ballaugh par reg. Someone else has a member's entry with a different marriage for this Philip. - So there are at least two other possibilities for him. And which is why I said the reg. needs to be looked at to see whether the burial entry identifies which Philip he was with an age, or son of William, or place name, etc. To see whether Philip bapt 2 Sept 1770 Ballaugh son of William Quayle & Margaret Cowley could have been Philip QUAYLE aged 89, of BallaCorteen, buried Maughold 17 Jun 1858.

The wills which might have given the connection were:
QUAYLE, William 1814 Bal Epis, 1, LDS film number 0106416.
QUAYLE, William 1817 Bal E 2 0106419
QUAYLE, William 1822 Bal A 41 0106243
QUAYLE, William 1830 Bal E 1 0106430
[from Brian Lawson's index].

There is a decree for Margaret Quayle als Cowley of Ballaugh in 1783 which should at least show whether Philip was alive at that date.