Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Re:McCreanney Family

Hi Ann, thanks for your message. My Mum is Ivy and I think you may have met
> her at some time in the Isle of Man. Trixie lives in Old Swan area of
> Liverpool and is related to your dad's mum. Marie always visits her when she
> visits Liverpool, so we have heard a lot about her. I was born in Italy on
> 22nd May, 1959. My sister Lucia was born in Liverpool on the 10th October,
> 1961. We are all going to the Isle of Man for Christmas and staying at the
> Hilton, for three days. Auntie Rita is going to stay there with us. There
> will be my mum , myself and husband Ian plus our children Nicola who is
> twenty five and Philip who is Nineteen. My sister and her husband Mike with
> their son Daniel who is nine years old. We are all looking forward to seeing
> the Island again as its some time since we were all there together. Will
> sign off now but look forward to hearing from you again with any news you
> may have.
> bye for now,
> Francesca.