Manx Genealogy Archive 1

George Sayle Andreas about 1906

There was a George Sayle from Grande Prairie Alberta who visited my mother back in the 1950s. I never met him but I have been told that he was a "cousin" of my father's. Seeing that relationships were often vague back then and my father could not contribute since he had died a few years earlier, I take the word "cousin" with a grain of salt.

I should have phoned him 10 years ago when I did a lookup of his name in a phone directory webpage, I didn't though. I did hear that he had passed away a few years back and his death was noted in the Canadian Legion magazine then. I recently found his name again through Google and a Rootsweb page:

SAYLE, George; 91; Andreas IOM>Grande Prairie AB; DHT; 1997-9-15
He would have been born in 1905 or 1906 but I can't see his name in www.lawsons.ca.

Can anyone tell me his parents?