Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Hoary Mooar

Thomas Radcliffe of 1725 (Andreas) was sometimes referred to as ‘Hoary Mooar’

He worked as a shoemaker and weaver.

Does any one know what this term may have meant: perhaps it was linked to his location, trade or even his description?

This is the land linked to his family:
The Family owned Cronk Breck croft in Andreas. (Cronk breck: 'Speckled hill.' Ballacottier).

"...Thomas (Hoary Mooar) bought little Ballachurry in the Treen of Mullenlowne in 1778. The purchase was divided into two, John and his son took Ballachurry and Thomas and his son took the neighbouring Cronk Breck.” [Constance Radcliffe]

Google let me down on this one!