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Hi Sue
How do I say enough "thank you's" for the information on Mary Allgood Radcliffe, please spread to all who participated. I was not so much trying to prove a Manx connection but could not get it out of my thoughts that with other Quirk/Radcliffe connections it just had to be that way. My big mystery remains the question of how many children Robert (my Ggrandfather) and Mary had before she died and he left for Australia ... and was one of those a girl Malvina Christina Quirk who was with Robert when he re-married in Australia in Jan 1856 and recorded as a five year old. This lady went on to long, successful and fruitful life in Australia but none of the family searching over many years have been able to locate a birth reference for her to Robert and Mary ... leaving the thought and possibility that she was extracurricular activity of Robert and 'nurse' who travelled with him and Malvina to Australia ... and then became Robert's second wife in the 1856 marriage.
Any suggestion how I might trace details of children of Robert and Mary Allgood between late 1843 and Dec 1854 ???