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The IGI is somewhat of a mess (dog's breakfast comes to mind) - some parishes give all possible readings (and even then sometimes miss the correct one!) as tho from the Parish Record - in reality all IGI entries are from the official 1911 transcript which when I've checked against the actual PR is extremely good but not infallible; for other parishes 'corrections' are given as "patron submitted" - if the patron submitted group is a large batch then most likely a correction/2nd reading. Even then common errors are to copy the child's name across to the parent (I've even seen a father given as Jane !) - for patron submitted entries the possible errors are legion (some I'm sure are pure invention) - I've seen out by a century, may for mar - 13 for 30 etc plus all sorts of misreadings of a name eg 'o's and 'a's are easily misread; - another error is to give the family residence as the surname.