Manx Genealogy Archive 1


I cant remember if I have posted about this individual before but I am absolutly stuck on Ballantine Sewell despite help from many people :(

Ballantine was christened 15 JUN 1769 Bromfield, Cumberland, England... his parents were Thomas Sewell and Mary (I believe Bowman)

he married Elizabeth Taylor and had a daughter Susanna who died in 1824

in 1826 he had a daughter Eliza Catherine with Catherine Doyle, and in 1828 twins Sarah and Thomas were born. All 3 were born in IoM.

Ballantine died April 1846 in Douglas.

I have no idea if he ever married Catherine Doyle, dont know when Elizabeth Taylor died, His monumental inscription states that he was an officer in a "regiment of foot" but the regiment has no record of him, he isnt in any census that I can find, I cant find him with any of his kids, Sarah and Thomas are given the name Doyle at birth and later are listed as Sewells, am i missing something??????

sorry if this is a repeat, its just really got me stuck :(