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Thank you Sue for response, working from OZ I am a late starter in gathering together a lot of earlier efforts in filling in the early story of "our" Quirk's. Found marriage record with help from Liverpool Family History Centre as being 14 Feb 1843 at Parish Church of St Mary, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire. Father shown as Augustus RADCLIFFE Much earlier someone had obtained via paid researcher a hand written transcription of death registration in sub-district of Upholland, 17 Nov 1854, no mention of Robert in attendance ... he may already have been on way to OZ goldfields because he remarried in Beechworth with 5 yr old daughter to a Margaret Robertson, b. Glascow 10 July 1824. I could find Robert in 1851 Census living with Mother in Birkenhead with his siblings but no sign of his own other (apart from Malvina in OZ) children ... understood to be James Radcliffe Q; William Augustus Q; Helena Sarah Q; Robert Frederick Q. Some years ago family received query from USA re ongoing links there from one or more of these children and I am still trying to understand what may have happened.
I have collected much of the "old" records of our 'line of Quirks' and understand one of them became the 'Knockaloe Quirk' and at this time Robert's father William 1769-1833 went to Liverpool obviously but by the look of things he was gone by 1833 after moving from ship work Robert became wine merchant; then married with handfull of children before off after gold as what we knew as 'A Remittance Man' (receiving income from UK) and starting a new family here to add to Malvina Christina who travelled with him. Because of earlier RADCLIFFE connectios in family on IOM I have assumed that Mary Allgood was also of IOM heritage and then due to illness and/or other problems Robert and Margaret split maybe even before her death. He could have left Liverpool just after 17 Nov '54 deat of Mary and still made it to Beechworth in time for new marriage ..... and therin lies the mystery of why I am in OZ and the past is hard to figure out.
Your comments and suggestions most welcome, Regards Pete Q.