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William DeMeza md Margaret Ann Killey 01 MAY 1864 Maughold

1851 Census Braddan
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Wm,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Head,Married,50,Paper Maker,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Jane,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Wife,,48,,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Elizth,Paper Mill,Mullin Corrin,Daughter,Unmarried,27,,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,John,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Son,,23,Paper Maker,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Rachel,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Daughter,,18,,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Geo,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Son,,16,,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Ann,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Daughter,,14,Scholar,England
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Louisa,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Daughter,,9,,Braddan
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Wm,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Son,,7,,Douglas
05,18/19,101,DEMEZA,Seluna,Paper Mill Mullin Corrin,Daughter,,2,,Braddan

1861 Census Index
Douglas district 1 entry 136
Ann 22 b England
Elizabeth 9 b IOM
Jane 55 b England
Louisa 18 b IOM
Selina 12 b IOM
William 16 b IOM

Braddan New Burial Ground
Section One Block Three
Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM HALE DEMEZA Paper Manugacturer of Woodside Ville in this parish who departed this life on the 16th of April 1851 aged 50 years
also in memory of Jane DEMEZA wife of the above who departed this life on the 10th of December 1889 aged 87 years

Margaret Ann Killey ch 9 Jul 1848 Bride
Robert Killey and Margaret Quirk who md 08 JUL 1849 Maughold

1861 Census Index
Maughold District 1 entry 12
Robert 33 b Maughold
Margaret 33 b Maughold
Margaret A 12 b Bride
Robert 1 mo b Maughold
Louisa 6 b Maughold
Isabella 1 b Maughold
Elizabeth 9 b Maughold

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