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FYI: ( for interested parties)
my Father = George H. DeMeza - 1919 - USA
my GRFather = George H. DeMeza - 1878 - USA
his siblings= Louisa-1864-IOM, Elizabeth-1867-Manchester, Margaret-1864-USA
my GRGRFather= William DeMeza - 1845 - IOM
* his wife = Margerate Killey - 1847 - IOM
his siblings- Elizabeth - 1824, John-1828, Rachel- 1833, George-1835, Ann-1837, Louisa-1842, of these the first four born in Manchester and the last two in IOM
my GRGRGRFather = William- 1801-Manchester
* his wife = Jane (last name unknown)-1803

I do know they had Paper Mills, were from Portugal originally, left family behind each time they immigrated to another country and my Father, GRFather and brothers have profound profiles and small frames.
Does any of this click with anyone? Let me know! npajk@aol.com

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