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Their ages are all over the place in the censuses, as is the birthplace for John Cleator.
In 1861 Malew, in 1871 Ballaugh, following Rushen in 1851.

Perhaps they are in an Andreas M.I.?

The two possible Ellinor Radcliffes (if two existed) were the daughters of Quayle sisters who married Radcliffe first cousins. They were the daughters of John QUAYLE & Ellinor KILLIP of Michael.

The most likely Ellinor was the daughter of Thomas RADCLIFFE & Jane QUAYLE (see my previous message).

The parents of the second possible Ellinor were John RADCLIFFE 1744-1811 & Ellinor QUAYLE 1743-1820.
Their two youngest children:
Ellinor bapt.27 Feb.1788, d.1789 [WR]
Ellinor b.1792 [Constance Radcliffe] - no baptism.

With no baptism for her I thought she had been given the wrong Radcliffe/Quayle parents.

But an article by Dr RC Shaw complicates the issue, unless he also was confused by the sister/cousins (or the gt grandson was):

Dr Shaw wrote: "John Radcliffe, mason, born 1744, was the son of John Radcliffe-y Voar and grandson of Thomas-y Voar. He lived for a time in the old house of Mullen Beg and married in 1772 Eleanor, another daughter of John Quayle, and also purchased land in Ballachurry near the Cronk Breck. According to his great grandson, John Cleator, he built the present farm of Ballachurry about 1799. He had seven children who were all born at the Mullen Beg and he and his wife were amongst the first members of the Wesleyan Methodist Society in the Isle of Man and for many years he was a classleader. He died in 1811, and his wife, Eleanor, aged 77, in 1820.

John left an 1811 will which mentioned all his known living children - but no Ellinor.