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Thomas Burns and Margaret Kewley/Kelly

Hi everyone, have been watching this site for some time now and think it is great, have learnt a lot. Had some help to get started back 2004 from Brian Lawson.

This all started after finding an old postcard with a picture of a house called "Sea - View Villa" Brookhill, Ramsey, I O M, Mrs Teare. Then a merchant sailors identity card for America-Levant Line, Ltd London, for Thomas B Burns birth place IOM. Then I was hooked!

Then realising that every Burns for a few generations even my son and nephew are a Thomas Burns (excepting my husband!).

1881 Census
Isaac Kelly head, married, 33, joiner, (Margaret's first husband1848-1885)Lonan
Margaret Kelly , wife, 27, fruiterer, 1854 Lonan
Lillian Kelly , daughter, 1 mth, 1881,Peel
10 Christian St. Peel

Not sure of Thomas Burns until I can verify by certificates because it says in 1891 census that he was born in lonan, then 1901 census, Ramsey.

1881 England Census
Thomas Burns 1849 son, 32, Iron Ship Yd Labourer, Ireland
Bridget Burns 1821 head, widow, Ireland

1891 Ramsey, district 2, schedule 88, 3 Queens Drive.
Thomas Burns, head, married, 42, plasterer, Lonan
Margaret, wife, married, 37, Durham
Lillian Kelly, step daughter, 10, scholar, Peel
William J. Kelly, step son, 8, Ramsey
Thomas B Burns, son, 1, Ramsey

I found that Margaret married Thomas in 1888.

I also discovered a birth and burial of a child called Thomas Ernest Stanley Burns of Margaret Kewley/Kelly and Thomas Burns 28/10/1888 - 12/05/1889. Is it possible they would have named a second baby Thomas B in 03/04/1890 because all dates and names add up?

1901, Ramsey, district 2, schedule 120, 2 Sea View Villa
Thomas Burns, head, married, 50, stonemason, Ramsey
Margaret, wife, married, 47, Lonan
Thomas B, son, 11, scholar, Ramsey
Lilian, daughter, single, 20, dressmaker, Peel

Thomas Bertram Burns then married Kate Violet Martin I think in Liverpool.
Their three children were:
Bill Martin (from previous marriage)
Thomas Bertram Burns 08/03/1914 (died 1971Australia)
Lilian Burns