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Re: William Gilmore & Margaret Mickleby

just about to post - Margaret Mickle is in 1841 + 1851 census as Mary - she was widowed in 1835.
There is a James Mickle m. margaret clague Mal 1788-09-04 - children are:
Mal 17890906 JAMES
Mal 17890906 THOS
Mal 18000720 FRANCES
Mal 18050518 JAMES
Mal 18011101 ELIZTH

note the 10 year gap but no Margt/Mary who if census info is to believed should be born in Malew c. 1793 - either he didn't have children baptised but then why change in 1800 or he was out of the Island

there are mitchels in nearby Cumbria (Kendal)