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Re: Cleator Radcliffe Family
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Thomas R. 1757-1829, son of Thomas Radcliffe & Ann SAYLE, married Jane QUAYLE d.1827 [dau of John Quayle, Michael].

Children of Thomas RADCLIFFE & Jane QUAYLE bapt Andreas:
Ann bapt.15 March 1789 Ann dau of Thomas Radcliffe bur 10 Oct 1803
Elinor 1792-1873, marr. John CLEATOR 1785-1873 [WR]
Jane bapt.4 Nov.1794
Thos bapt.19 Nov.1797, buried aged 38 Andreas 29 Apr 1834?
John bapt.17 June 1801, Cronk Breck, bur.16 Feb 1876 aged 74 yrs.

WR = William Radcliffe, one of the Radcliffe researchers from the early 1900s who left his papers in the Manx Museum.

You need to confirm that this is the correct Elinor/Eleanor R. because there was more than one in this Radcliffe branch bapt around that date.

Thomas Radcliffe bapt 9 May 1725 son of Thomas Ratcliffe [in mother’s will], shoemaker Cronk Breck, married Ann SAYLE 10 Feb.1749/50 Andreas, both died 1796. Ann Sayle b.1722, dau of Philip Sayle, of the Craig, d.1776 (will) and his first wife Bahey Cotter d.1725 (will), and half sister of Joney 1733-1771 who marr. John Radcliffe 1733-1802, first cousin of Thomas Radcliffe above.
“Thomas (Hoary Mooar) bought little Ballachurry in the Treen of Mullenlowne in 1778. The purchase was divided into two, John and his son took Ballachurry and Thomas and his son took the neighbouring Cronk Breck…… (Thomas Radcliffe 1725 -1796) who took the Cronk Breck part of the purchase of 1778. A shoemaker by trade, Thomas and his wife Ann Sayle were buried on the same day, and were survived by three sons”. [Constance Radcliffe]
See: http://www3.telus.net/lawson/twill/1796_014.html