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Re: Ann Gelling
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First of all, sorry to be late in responding. Secondly thankyou very much to Len and Susan for your help.

Len, The info for Elizabeth (IGI has an Elizabeth Gelling 1852 to Edward and Isabella Gelling and Brian Lawson's burials showing E Gelling 1858 age 6 in Rushen) seems to fit. I did sort of disregard it when searching because they weren't as far as I could tell living in the Rushen area, but it is definately a possibility.

Do you know if there is a record of a burial for her mother, Isabella (nee Quayle) for around this time or somewhere between 1851 and 1861?

Also to Susan: The 'Quilliam' marriage seems to fit with Ann Gelling...I'll do some more 'uncovering' to find out for sure.

Thanks for your help!!