Manx Genealogy Archive 1


My connections to the Isle of Man begin with the discovery of my g g g grandmother Margaret Whittaker (Whitteker/Widdicar/Witticor) born around 1784. It's possible that she is the same Margaret Whittaker on the IGIs who married a Robert Kelly 27 June 1807 at Braddan.
He must have died, because she then married a George Spooner 11 March 1818 at Braddan.

I have no definite proof of their children on the IGIs baptised at Braddan, but have the marriage certificate of their last daughter Maria Spooner christened 7 February 1824. The father is named as George Plumber (not Spooner). But on the IGIs of Maria's baptism, her father is named as George Spooner.

Are you still reading so far? :)

On the 1851 census, Margaret, now a widow, is living with her daughters Margaret (1809?), and Maria (1824) and her sister Mary (Wedscher/Weddicar) in Cumberland.
I can't find the birth of either Margaret Whittaker or George Spooner on the IGIs, and the prospect of searching for a Kelly on the Isle of Man without any dates, is daunting to say the least.
How can I find out where to get any details on the marriages of Margaret Whittaker at Braddan?
I'd appreciate any crumb of hope.
margaret in curl curl, australia