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Re: Catherine Ellen / Eleanor STEPHEN

Richard Pass left a pretty good paper trail in England & Isle of Man. He had some education and worked as a clerk in England before going to IoM. His father and older brother were butchers, so Iím not surprised to find him doing it for a short while.

I have to tread lightly with his first wife Catherine E. Stephen (aka Ellen). I think those listed in the Andreas directories in my previous message could be some other Miss Stephen, which brings me back to square one Ė Her father was William; who was her mother? Where was she really born/baptized?

Tucked in his (Richard Pass) daughterís bible was an old handwritten, folded up paper that looked like it could have been in an envelope at one time. Iím not sure what it represented as it is dated nearly 3 1/2 years after his death, but it reads like a eulogy.
This is what it says:

March 17th 1907 - - - Death of Mr. Richard Pass
Another old and long tried friend & acquaintance has just been taken away after a lingering illness. We refer to Mr. Richard Pass of Santon Terrace, Tower Road, Ramsey, who died on Wednesday morning at the advanced age of 77. It can truly be said that the hand of death has lately been ....ury and is but another illustration of the axiom that best came not in single file but in battalions. Several respected veterans have recently gone over to the great majority who had reached or exceeded the allotted span. For nearly two years Mr. Pass has been confined to the house and never in a fit state to leave it without danger and had been carefully medically attended but without avail for death supervened at last as above stated.
Deceased, who was the second son of William Pass, was born at Pittsmore, near Sheffield, in the year 1826. Subsequently the family migrated to the Isle of Man and he was educated at Dr. Steeles Academy at Douglas, devoting his talents in after years to the education of others. The word of his life was teaching and there are hundreds who received their education at his hands who will feel deeply his loss. It may be said his able and useful work at one time was almost an institution in itself and will not easily die. He was keenly attached to his profession for a great number of years until he relinquished it for other duties. Deceased had charge of Bride Parochial school for thirteen years, and onward down to the time of his prostration by illness he was engaged in various capacities. After leaving Bride for instance, he became station-master at Lezayre a post he occupied for some time. Afterwards he came to Ramsey and was employed as clerk to the late J.C. Lamothe, High-Bailiff of this town. For some time subsequently, he was clerk to Mr. Albert Ritto, shipbroker and commission agent of Ramsey. Then for three years he became book-keeper at the courier office during .......ÖÖÖ.. (the next page is missing )

This leads me to believe that the Richard Pass (bachelor, butcher) and Catherine Eleanor Stephen who were married in 1852 is the same couple as in Slaterís Directory of 1857 showing Richard Pass & wife Ellen at Bride Parochial school. Next I have the 1861 census showing Richard Pass & Ellen still at Bride Parochial school. Following that is the Catherine Ellen Pass burial in 1870. The 1871 census for Ramsey shows Richard Pass; lodger; widowed; age 45; advocates manager & clerk; born Sheffield Yorkshire.

I do not know the time span that he attended the Academy in Douglas. He was in England with his family during the 1841 census; age 15.
Is it safe to assume that he attended the Academy at a younger age?