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Hi, I've checked with the transcriber, and she says that the "Elizabeth" was a typo, and should have been Eliza Jane. She also gave a bit more information from the Andreas parish register - but the register still doesn't give you much to go on. If you think Eliza Jane is the key, you should get her birth certificate. It is likely to have more information than the par reg., which has:
Catherine Jane bapt. St Jude 10 July 1859.
Her children:
1. John Thomas bpt 11 Feb 1877 Andreas no father given
2. Catherine Ann bpt 3 Jan 1879 Andreas no father given
3. Eliza Jane bpt 17 June 1883 Andreas no father given [Birth: 19 Apr 1883] John Edward b.28 Jan 1900 Ram son of Eliza Jane RADCLIFFE; John Edward Radcliffe bur 6 Feb 1900 aged 1 week.
4. William Edward bpt 18 March 1887 Andreas no father given
5. James Ernest bpt 30 Apr 1889 Andreas, Berna Hara, no father given
6. Florence Beatrice bpt 18 Sept 1892 Andreas no father given
7. Lily Maude bpt 29 Dec 1895 Andreas, Close Lake, no father given
8. Ethel May bpt 11 Sept 1898 Andreas, Close Lake, no father given.