Manx Genealogy Archive 1


I am related to Robert's brother (by marriage) Benjamin. As Brian says you can get the birth certificate via the IOM website. John William and Violet married on 20 Dec 1900 and I obtained the wedding certificate (albeit in person when I visted the IOM.) I cannot yet find any link to Mary A Callow. At the time of the census of 1901 JWC was on board the "Prince William" docked in Birkenhead. Violet died in April 1914 which fits in with the story that she died as a result of complications giving birth to Benjamin (b 31 Mar 1914) I too have been unable to find Robert (although I haven't looked that hard for him) but as well as Benjamin he had at least two other siblings, William born around 1912 and George (birth unknown.) I cannot yet find any further evidence for JWC other than his father (from his marriage certificate) was called William Callow. Nicholas Dumphey (spelled different ways in different sources) married Minnie Mclean 9 sept 1879 in Braddan, IOM. ND was originally from Ireland and MM from Scotland.