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Re: Cowley marriage
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Christian Killip als Looney d beg 1690 as there is a will for her - the German burial regs are non existant for this period - that will might help.

The marraiage og Pat Killip + cath Looney was noted in Braddan & German regs (that for Germ in IGI is misread) - there is a patron submitted entry for same date under Ballaugh - I have never seen any marriage noted in 3 regs so suspect the latter is fictious

At this period many regs don't exist so if you are going on IGI this is going to be a lottery that the wife was born in a parish with a reg and that it exists for some 20+ years prior.

Wills are your best bet - I will probably summarise these German wills by early next month when I get back to Manx museum but you can borrow the film from any FHC