Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Local IOM knowledge & William Kelly, lawyer

Am wondering if there is anyone who lives on the Isle of Man or who knows the area well, who can help me.

I am trying to find out more about those who are mentioned in the will of a Thomas Corkill of Malew and I know that this will was in the hands of the lawyer "William Kelly of Malew" in 1828.

Bearing in mind that I think proceedings could have extended well into the 1870s, I am wondering if it is just possible that William Kelly or the company he worked for might still be remembered today? Could in fact the company still be in existence in some form?

Does the name mean anything to anyone? Or alternatively, are there any legal companies around today which do go back a long way and who I could ask? Even if someone could just advise me of the name and contact details of well established Manx solicitors (especially in Malew) I would be grateful.