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Re: santan local history - Corkhill

Manx Vikings, under King Godfred I, ravaged Anglesey around the year 1000, it is possible that he was with them.

In 1011 - Thorkell the Tall and his brother, Hemming, plundered Canterbur.

Thorkell the Tall was a power player in Anglo-Danish history in the first decades of the eleventh century. He was at the head of the campaign in 1009-1012 that ended with the hitherto unprecedented payment of 48,000 pounds of silver in Danegeld. He then entered ∆thelredís service and was apparently loyal to the English king, at least until his flight from England around Christmas 1013.

Thorkell the Tall was born into a leading East Danish family (from Scania or Zealand). His early life is poorly documented. His father is said to have been Earl Strud-Harald and he had at least two brothers, one of whom was the Sigvalde who as leader of the Jomsvikings is best known from the Norse sources. His other brother was Hemming, who according to the sources was somewhat younger.

He was killed in battle in 1039.

Thorkill to Corkill...who knows?