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Re: Emma Caine c1865 Onchan
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Hello Brian

the scenario I'm working to is:

1889 John Kermode and Susannah Cannan marry [Lawson]
1889 Charlotte Maggie is born [IGI
1891 Anna Elizabeth is born [Lawson]

1895 Susannah dies

1897 John marries Emma Caine [Lawson]
1898 Doris Irene is born [1901 census]
1899 Emma Belle is born [1901 census]

In the 1901 census Emma's dob is 1865 and pob is Onchan.

Your Emma, dau of James Cain, Onchan Village, of the 1871 census appears also in the 1881 census residing, and a domestic servant, at 20 Glen Rd, Lonan (her brother John H is there too), but she is missing from the 1891 IoM census, but there is an Emma Cain of the same pob and dob listed as a hospital nurse in a workhouse at Crumsall, Lancs. I'm inclined think these are the the same girl.

But, in the 1881 census, there are two other Emma Caines with Onchon/Conchon connections:

Emma c1865 Douglas dau of Hugh and Ann Caine of Tromode(?), Conchon and

Emma c1863 Douglas dau of James and Jane Caine of 14 Market St, Douglas (civil parish of Conchon).

I see the 'your' Emma as my best bet but am stiill bothered by the existence of the other two. In pobs, Douglas is sometimes elaborated with Onchan, but can I be reasonably certain that a pob of Onchan does not mean Douglas?

thank you and regards

Alan Gorry