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I am searching for info on a Robert Gregg.

The information I have from him in USA was he was born 11 /30/1886.

On the california Death index a mothers maiden name of Mclyeres is listed. On the 1890 census he is listed as a son of the Quilliam family, but is actually adopted.

He married a Jennie Van De Bogart later divorced, served in WWI in the United States, listed still as an alien. Hed 3 children Robert Charles Gregg, Roy Gregg, and Genevieve Gregg. Charles and Roy born in Oregon, Genevieve born in California.

He erected a memorial at Douglas with regards to his kindest friends, William Quilliam and Francis (Karran) Quilliam. William had been previosly married to Elizabeth Cringle, she passed away during childbirth.

kind regards,

Tim Johnson

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