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Re: LOONEY DNA Results
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The information you have concerning the Looney family of America being descendants of Jews is pure bunk. The same individual who started this bunk also made bogus claims about the Looney family having connections to famous Native American's (Indians). I know these claims to be bogus because they specifically concerned his and my family which is well researched and well documented. I don't know what this person's motive was for making up these bogus claims, but I do know that once he posted these bogus claims to the web they spread like wildfire, especially within the Native American community. I have since heard that this individual took a DNA test and found out that he didn't have a drop of Native American blood in his body. A first cousin of mine (Looney) also took the DNA test and nothing Nativie American came up there either.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet, especially where there is no proof given.