Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Re: William Douglas Sheard Born 1934

The Sheard's were a Peel based family tho' by 1900 had spread away from Peel - their origin on the Island is briefly mentioned in www.manxnotebook.com/history/military/ms_1850.htm - use the IGI (www.familysearch.org) for bapts + marr + free 1881 census to trace to that year (also www.lawsons.ca for burrials + possibly some later marr) - the 1901 census is pay per view - you can pick up some info by putting sheard into www.manxnotebook.com search page.

There is an active Sheard researcher on this board (use the archives) who may have your ancestors - otherwise buy his birth cert from General Registry (see www.gov.im)