Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Bill Kelly

I am presently researching a book on the history of marathon running in the UK during the post-war period until 1959. I would very much like to find out the birthdate and any other details about William H. Kelly - the Isle of Mans greatest ever distance runner. Bill`s merits included winning the prestigious London to Brighton road race, beating 1948 Olympic silver medallist Tom Richards. Bill also competed in the 1958 British Empire Games Marathon, finishing 17th at the age of 46. Incidentally, he also a founder member of Manx Athletic Club in 1947. I have many more details of his running achievements. In any case, I have his obit from the Road Runners Club newsletter (by Peter M. McElroy - still living on IOM I believe) and know that he died on 14 June 1977 and lived in Onchan. I am hoping that perhaps someone might feel inclined to help me out here.