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Re: ss ellan vannin's ships cook Ed Burke ~ my gGd

Good to know not created a storm in a tea cup and my heads not gonna get bitten off either. And big thanks for your views and time, you two!

Came across Richard Staffords book in the manx museum last year, really interesting!!
Only know of this 'message in a sauce bottle' ~sounds like a song .. though reading foresaid book.
Maybe it got binned after ships court hearing, maybe it's in an old law file somewhere ? Or perhaps Mr s.p.company thought as evidence it was a bit near the bone, and ate it ... ?
An Edgar Burke, representing the family in court, verified it as being his fathers writing. Account again taken from R.Staffords book ~

Perhaps this is imagination running away with me but, can fair imagine the old guy starting a shift, taking the bottle out of his bag in the ships kitchen and placing it somewhere safe, until at the end of his shift when like a good luck talisman, it goes back off board ship with him. Sea folk have got their 'ways'haven't they?
(ps for Frances : haven't got written down proof but have lot of sea people in my ancestory and they seem to have lot of superstition. )
Incidently Edward is buried in the 'corporation' cemetary at Douglas, near the tt start/finish line.
Where can I find out if his wife arranged his burial there, who arranged hers?
s x