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re marriages - it is quite common to see in register of one parish married in another - particularly so for 2nd marriages I find.
(the other mystic symbol eop = end of page on 1911 official transcription - an aid for me to find again)
Alice Cowle is I think dau of Hugh Cowle + Isable moore of Ballacrine - mentioned in his will (see www.manxnotebook.com/famhist/wills/sn1698.htm - for some reason best known to IGI they can't accept 'Hu' as a name tho it is quite common in Manx registers - somewhere on my site should be Santan bapts I think

re place name - if occurs in only one place then I usually suspect a misreading however George Broderick has finally published a few weeks ago an affordable book on Manx Placenames - a considerably reduced version of his 7 volume (100/vol) study on Manx Place names - the bad news is I left my copy back in Peel ! so can't see if he is any help but the Manx Museum shop will have copies - ny Mxxx should indicate 'of/from the Mxxx'

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