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To Phil Crennell: Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. According to the U.S. Census data, the William Crennell who fought in the American Civil War was William Henry Crennell. He was born on the Isle of Man in 1835. He served with the 140th New York Regiment during the battle of Gettysburg and was discharged in 1863. According to the 1880 Census, he was 45 years of age, married, retired, and living in Rochester, New York state. From this information, one could assume that he was probably injured during the War and probably receiving a disability pension. He had a son, William Crennell Jr who, according to the 1900 Census, was an engineer living in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Our town, Crafton Borough, is in the process of replacing all of our existing street signs with new ones donated by our Crafton Historical Society. I have one of the old signs for "Crennell" street and would be happy to send it to anyone who would be interested in having it. It has white lettering on a green background, and our new ones have a reflective grey lettering on a dark blue background. I can send photos if anyone desires.