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Re: william radcliffe anne killey andreas

The information I have is a richard radcliffe who married Ann Christian in St Peters Liverpool 6th July 1834. Then there is a Richard Radcliffe in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census. In the 1861 census he is living with his wife Ann children and gradgson John James aged 2 My great granfather was John James Radcliffe who lived in Liverpool and died in 1936. On his marriage certificate in 1883 itgives his father as John James Radcliffe a soldier. I have not been able to trace this John James at all and wonder if a mistake was made on the certificate as none of the people at that time could read or write.
Anyway I think the John James in the 1861 census is my great grandfather so have been trying to put togethere Richard and Ann's life. From LDS records there is a Richard Radcliffee born in Andreas in 1809 to William Radcliffe and Margaret Killip and an Ann Christian whose details I cannot find. According to the 1841 census these 2 had 3 children William Ann and Margaret. In 1851 they had William Ann Richard Sarah? andCatherine. By 1861 they were living with Ann Richard Catherine and the grandson John.
I hope this makes sense! Thanks again for your help